Speaking of Virgil…

December 3, 2006

“…Interestingly,” said the Viscount, swaying slightly with the ship dipping and diving through the waves, as we stood on the middle deck watching the blue views of water and sky, “…Virgil explains the account of the beginnings of Rome in his epic, ‘The Aeneid’…”  The Viscount had an eloquence that even though his role involved a lot of speaking, he was never dull to listen to.  Stories and history poured from within him, like water from an ornate fountain. 

Often I made notes in my journal, which was always in my dress pocket.  I had leafed tentatively through the copy of this epic he had thrust at me, but most of all I loved the image on it’s cover, where one of the celestial beings visits Aeneas, the hero of the tale.  I had come on this journey to find beauty.  More favoured in my mind is ‘Georgics’, which speak of idyllic pastoral modes of living, bees and hives and olive groves basking in the sun.  Still, this was relevant to the history of the place we were to begin our journey, and I wanted to hear about Rome, and make the most of my tutor’s encyclopaedic mind.  Soon we would arrive, and my eyes would be opened to a new vista, a new way of seeing the world.  He also spoke about the ‘Villa Ada’, a stately green part of Rome…

(copyright Imogen Crest 2006.)


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